What Happens When Engineers Grow Up?

by Tyler Reid

From Drones to RC Cars – 3D Printing Spring Roadshow is Here!

Last summer I had the opportunity to build a drone for our Summer 3D Printing Roadshow event, and while it was challenging it was also a ton of fun. Yes… I got paid to design, build, and (sort of) fly a quadcopter.3D Printing Roadshow

I got an itch a few months ago to take on another project, so I decided to test my luck and asked to do another run of 3D Printing Roadshows. Fully expecting to be denied, I was surprised when I received the go-ahead. As it turns out, our customers liked the Roadshow events as much as I did! All I had to do was come up with a compelling project.

Wanting to keep the remote-control theme, and having always been nostalgic about the handful of Tyco RC cars I drove into the ground during the 90’s, the choice was easy. RC Car it is!

3D Printing Roadshow

Before I continue – if you didn’t catch last year’s DIY Drone roadshow please check it out below. It’s chock-full of useful 3D printing tips, tricks, and manufacturing applications. Design for Print, carbon fiber layup, urethane casting, injection molding … that project had it all and more.

3D Printing Summer Roadshow – DIY Drones 

This year’s Roadshow shifts the focus more onto the front-end of the 3D printing process. More specifically, we walk through a cutting-edge “Design for Print” workflow that includes reverse engineering, analysis-driven design, parametric CAD, and of course 3D printing.


The product development life cycle has changed over time, and with it, so have the tools we use. Modern, digital tools such as 3D scanners and morphogenetic CAD systems are playing a more important role in the contemporary engineer’s life. These tools allow us to create lighter, more accurate, more efficient designs at an unprecedented rate.

GoEngineer noticed this trend and jumped ahead of it by partnering with companies like Creaform and SolidThinking. When coupled with our SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys lineups, we continue to have best-in-class solutions for every step of the design process.3D Printing Roadshow

But how do they work together?

That is the question we’ll answer during this year’s Roadshow: Project RC.3D Printing Roadshow

So if you’re interested in learning practical uses of 3D scanning, how simple topology optimization can quickly guide you down the right path on your latest design, or how 3D printing turns all of the above into reality, then please join us during one of the ten 3DP Roadshow stops coming to an office near you.

3D Printing Roadshow – Spring Tour

5 thoughts on “What Happens When Engineers Grow Up?

  1. AvatarJordan

    So cool! Seeing 3D printing being able to make devices like these – it really gives me hope for what this technology will be able to accomplish in just a few years. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. AvatarChris Smith

    I have been printing a bunch of the different Remote Controlled 3D prints that I can find. I just came across this, and am writing to ask if the files to print this or a link to purchase the ‘buggy’ pictured is available?


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