SOLIDWORKS Composer: Using Hotspots

by Tim Strange

SOLIDWORKS Composer – What is a hotspot?

If you’re using SOLIDWORKS Composer, at one point you may have wondered, what is a hotspot and how can you use it.

First, let’s look at what we can do. The hotspot will be set as a group of components (or even just one) which will link to an action item. In SOLIDWORKS Composer these items will:

  • Link to a view of your SOLIDWORKS Composer document
  • Open a file
  • Open a webpage

How do I set up a hotspot?

The first thing you need to do is determine what will make up your hotspot. What component(s) would logically be the link? In this document, there is a series of subassemblies that will be the link to the views that show them in an exploded state with their BOM as well. The “Floor” component will link back to the original view.

To create, select your component(s) from the assembly tab, or graphics area, then click create hotspot as shown. You will see the hotspots at the bottom of the assembly tab area.

What can I do with a hotspot?

The hot spot can now be set to link to views, webpages, or open a document. What we need to do now is set the link.


  • View//nameofviewtolinkto (must be spelled just like view is spelled to work)
  • http://yourwebsite
  • File://pathtowherefileislocated (you can browse by clicking the ellipsis at the end of the link)

Make sure design mode is off (as shown) and click the hotspot to test.


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