5 Solutions for Common Gift Wrapping Dilemmas

by Amee Meghani

Gift Wrapping Dilemma

When it’s 11pm, December 24th, and you’re 2 glasses deep in red wine, gift wrapping isn’t as fun as it appears.  At thjis point, problems arise and can multiply up to the midnight hour. 

#1 – You Can’t Find Scissors

That’s okay.  You tear that paper.  You tear it like a champ.  Then fold over the jagged edge.  No one will know.

#2 – You Can’t Find Tape

That’s okay.  Do you have gum?  Chew it.

#3 – You underestimated wrapping paper size required for a given box.


No problem.  But DO NOT do this:

That’s just sad, but resourceful. Instead, find newspaper, preferably comics.  Make a collage.  Have another glass of wine.

#4 –  The box is WAY too big.

Forget attempting to wrap with one big sheet.  Try cutting 6 different sheets for the different faces.  Then conceal the mechanics (conceal the seams) with pretty contrasting ribbon.

#5 – Your loved ones CAN. NOT. WAIT to open the gifts.

Keep them busy by attaching activity pages to the sides. Brainteasers, sudoku, crosswords puzzles, and mazes are all great ideas. 


I hope these ideas make your gift wrapping less troublesome and more fun for all!

Happy Holidays!


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