3D Printing Speeds Turnaround Times For Premium Quality Chocolates

by Mitch Bossart, Industry Writer for GoEngineer

The Truffle Cottage Uses 3D Printing to Create Custom Chocolates

Pick your favorite movie, game, or holiday theme and the Truffle Cottage can likely craft chocolates to match it.

You can get Bobba Fett’s helmet, dragon eggs from the Game of Thrones, and Christmas ornaments in chocolate.

For Jennie Hales, founder of the company, it’s all about the flavor. “It’s fun to make creative chocolate shapes that truly delight my customers,” says Hales. “But even more enjoyable is how much our customers love the taste.”


The Holy Grail of Chocolates

Hales started the business four years ago. A real estate agent at the time with affection for finely crafted confections, she often found herself frustrated in the search for the Holy Grail of flavor. “Starting the Truffle Cottage allowed me to experiment with many recipes,” says Jennie. Today, the truffles are made with only the finest ingredients available and each order is custom made and delivered fresh.

Demand Grows, Turnaround Times Shrink

A recent order for a new mold kept getting delayed past the promised delivery window, and, having waited close to 30 days, Hales had to find an alternative—and fast. A friend told her about GoEngineer’s 3D printing service bureau. She called GoEngineer immediately.

“I got the mold delivered back to me the same day I asked for it,” enthuses Hales. “I was blown away; the folks at GoEngineer are great.” Hales likes to use 3D printing for objects that have finer details, and the quick turnaround times are simply a huge bonus.


A Sweet Future

With the help of 3D printing, it seems that we have now entered the era of mass customization of chocolate shapes, from Star Wars characters to chocolate covered baseball cookies. Almost anything is possible. “Each project is unique and a fun challenge,” says Hales. “But our customers keep coming back because they love the chocolate—that’s the most satisfying thing to me.”


GoEngineer Logo…in chocolate!

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  1. AvatarShabnum Bhat

    I must say its amazing! We are a 3D printing service company but we are yet to start producing 3D printed edibles. Almost every technology of additive manufacturing is fascinating and with the degree of flexibility to design things, be it food, fashion accessories or working parts is unmatched.


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