Top 10 Engineering Blog Posts from GoEngineer

by Sandy Ortez

Engineering Creative Product Design Solutions Makes for Great Content

Take a break from your day and have a peek at top stories authored by our technical team at GoEngineer.

Top 10 Engineering Blog Posts

1. Create a Custom Banana Cage for Cycling with SOLIDWORKS & 3D Printing

For the cycling enthusiast, this custom-made dual banana cage is a must have. Find out how it was designed and 3D printed and put to use.

Product Design

2. Types of CAMWorks Commercial Licenses & Top Activation FAQs

Do you know that CAMWorks can be purchased with a Standalone License (for single use installation) or as a Floating License (for multiple use installation)? Let’s review the difference in the two.

Product Design

3. SOLIDWORKS PDM: 7 Biggest Data Management Challenges

Let’s take a look at the 7 biggest Data Management challenges our customers are facing when working with SOLIDWORKS files in Windows Explorer.

4. SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Frequency Analysis of Tensioned Guitar Strings

Read more to correlate this powerful tool, SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA, and the solution of a theoretical equation through the analysis of a guitar string.

5. Superbike Braking: SOLIDWORKS at 190 MPH

Superbike racing, braking, and SOLIDWORKS come together for this engineering project. Here we discuss how to improve braking on a road racing Superbike.

Superbike Braking

6. SOLIDWORKS 2017 Simulation – Avoiding Singularities

A singularity is a function’s divergence into infinity. Simulation occasionally produces stress (or heat flux) singularities. How do they occur? Find out here.

7. GoEngineer Supports Special Operations with 3D Printed “Winged Guardian” Statue

GoEngineer helped support the Special Operations forces Winged Guardian project. Find out how SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys 3D printing play a role in this effort.

8. SOLIDWORKS Composer: Using Hotspots

If you’re using SOLIDWORKS Composer, at one point you may have wondered, what is a hotspot and how can you use it?

Product Design9. GoEngineer Lights the Way for Power Practical

Power Practical started with a simple goal: produce affordable energy products that shape how people view and use power in their daily lives. Like most startups, they had lots of ideas and enthusiasm but not much money.

Product Design10. Creating eDrawings Files Using the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler

Learn how to convert SOLIDWORKS files into eDrawings files by using the task scheduler in SOLIDWORKS.

Product Design

We hope you enjoyed these posts from 2016. Stay tuned for another great year of stories, tips, and tricks.

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