Top 7 New Features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

by John Lieber

Top New Features of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 is here and we are super excited about some of the new features and enhancements it provides.  Although SOLIDWORKS Electrical is still a relatively young product to SOLIDWORKS; it’s users have been actively putting it through its paces and making suggestions to make it even better. This year we not only see some great enhancements, we got some great new capabilities.

1. 3D Layout – Use existing assembly

You can now use an existing SOLIDWORKS Assembly to insert your electrical components to route your wires, cables, and harnesses. They have also renamed the command, it’s still under the process tab but it’s now called “SOLIDWORKS Assembly”.  You can still have electrical create a new assembly or select an existing assembly from your local drive, network or Enterprise PDM.

2. Add data file shortcuts

When adding documents to your projects, such as a PDF, you can now link to the document. This is awesome because it allows you to store your reference material where you traditionally keep it instead of making copies within the project.

3. Replace attribute and renumbering documents

Both commands received huge improvements as well as new interfaces. Both make it easier to incorporate changes faster and more accurately.SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017

5. Propagate data to connected objects

This is a new feature and allows you to ‘copy’ information from one item to another. For example, you have defined all the channel information in your PLC, connected your wires and need to update the wire marks with the channel address.  The propagate command will handle these tasks with ease, reducing data entry errors and shortening the time required to number your wires intelligently.

6. Change attribute display while editing

When editing or creating new symbols; understanding the attributes is easier. You can now view them as the attributes name, sample values or the attributes description.

7. Go to entity from reports

When viewing reports, specifically design rule checks, items now have hyperlinks to their designated components within the schematic. Clicking on the item in the report will jump to the component in the schematic.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 is packed full of great enhancements and capabilities. If you’d like to learn more, let us know.

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