Design and 3D Print a Custom Pen Holder

by Jeff Parker

Cool pens call for cool storage.

We have all these great GoEngineer pens and now I need to find a way to display them. As always, turning to SOLIDWORKS & Stratasys 3D printing for some assistance is a great first step to finding a custom solution.

It all started when we received a supply of GoEngineer pens one day. A couple of questions crossed my mind. Should we hand them out one at time, place a couple on the desk, or get a simple pencil holder to store them for others to help themselves.  The creative side of me said “NO, we can do better than that” so I started searching for ideas on all the typical 3D printing model sites. Although, I found a ton good ideas for pen holders; the problem was that they were either all similar or too outrageous.

Technology allows customization.

So I thought, why should I settle for what’s already made? With the technology I have access to, right at my fingertips, I decided to design my own pen holder.  Using SOLIDWORKS functionality to include circular patterning along with a very underutilized feature called Flex, I created a custom pen holder.  As you can see below, it’s GoEngineer branded too!

Pen HolderAfter finishing the design, I printed it out using a Fortus 450mc. It now sits at the front desk holding the cool swag.

Pen Holder

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