Need Tank Accessories? We Can Make Them.

by Jeff Parker


Emptying the ultrasonic tank was an exercise in futility.  It required me to roll it out of the shop to drain it. During the draining process, I had to make sure any material deposits left from cleaning did not make it out of the drain and down the hose.


The tank has a 1” NPT Female valve supplied with it to drain the tank.  That type of fitting is typically used in a fixed plumbing scenario, but we wanted the tank to remain mobile.  There is also another 1” NPT Female opening in the bottom back left corner where the water drains out.


To solve the drain issue, we used SOLIDWORKS to create a hybrid fitting that would connect a 1” NPT Female valve to a typical garden hose.  We were able to find a couple supplier 3D models of a male 1” NPT and garden hose fitting.  Then using SOLIDWORKS, we cut and spliced the two together while refining the connection and interior surfaces to allow the maximum flow between the two.  This is shown in the photos below.

With the designs complete, next, I 3D printed the test parts.

Then, I installed and tested them on the tank when it was time to replace the water.

Now, looking at the deposit issue, I used SOLIDWORKS again to design a screw in filter for the interior of the tank.  I was able to utilize the existing 1” NPT design as it had already been proven and SaveAs a copy and then modify it into a plug filter.

After the design was complete, I printed out a test part.  This time I decided to print out two variations.  The black one was done at a slice thickness of 0.07.  The white one was printed at 0.05.  The filter pattern and thread detail is a little cleaner on the white version.


Here is an image of the part installed in the tank and ready to filter the water as it drains.

There you have it! My problem is solved and now it’s time to clean up!  Here are some images of the plug filter cleaned and installed back into the tank.

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