Nine Criteria for Choosing a 3D CAD System

by Sandy Ortez


In manufacturing industries, 3D CAD software has become the accepted medium for designing products, tools, and manufacturing equipment. 3D systems are increasingly employed in the design of plants and production systems in process industries. The explosion of 3D printing technology is bringing an increasing number of new designers into the market for 3D CAD software.

Choosing a 3D CAD System

Although some tasks will always be done with 2D CAD, the number of first-time buyers of 3D CAD software continues to grow. Some of these buyers are new to CAD. Others are experienced CAD users and young engineering managers who have never participated in a 3D CAD selection process.


Identify what capabilities and characteristics are important to you and your organization. A great resource is this whitepaper (download here) about the nine criteria for choosing a 3D CAD system.

  1. Capable, Efficient 3D Design
  2. Information flow through extended enterprises
  3. Drafting tools that meet your standards today and in the future
  4. Tools to take your designs from concept through manufacturing
  5. Help managing data
  6. Innovative R&D to protect your investment
  7. Pleasant business relationships
  8. Short learning curve
  9. A dealer who can help you


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