Mother’s of Invention

by Krystine Thoroughman

Mother’s of Invention

Although we don’t acknowledge it nearly enough, our mothers have always been the original inventors. Whether creating a new recipe, stretching the budget, or exploring the next scientific discovery. Being a mom requires inventive thinking. This is why I love to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day



Moms of History

Throughout history, moms have created everything from the electric washing machine to secret communication systems utilized by the military defending our Nation. Not only are they inventive; they are always there to take care of our needs, often sacrificing their own. We have seen mothers as astronauts, teachers, nurses, engineers, mathematicians, and scientists of the highest degree and yet we always wonder: how do they balance it all?


My mother laid a solid foundation for me in many ways. The most long lasting? It is this piece of wisdom:

With dedication, anything is possible. If you are dedicated enough, committed enough, and hard working enough – no matter what, you will always be able to move forward and do better.

These words stand strong with me this Mother’s Day and I’m ever grateful for the lesson it imparts. Much like scientific endeavor, experiences will be negative, experiments will fail, and multiple attempts will be required to get it right. Einstein did not figure everything out in one day. He continued working and moving forward.

Picture This

To represent the dedication that I learned from my own mother, I created a 3D printed picture frame. Designed in SOLIDWORKS, I decorated the frame with gears to symbolize how my mom has always kept me going.

Mother's Day












Without the dedication and ingenuity to keep the system turning, everything fails.  Thank you, Mom, for all that you have done! To the moms, everywhere, thank you for your creativity, inventiveness, and dedication!





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