Stretch, but don’t kick the kill switch!

by Erick Vega

Design problems? Take a stretch, or not.

There is nothing more devastating than working hard on a project, getting past a design block, concentrating so hard your foot starts tapping, your body gets tense, you stretch your legs and then, the monitor goes blank. Tell me you know what I’m talking about.

You’re left looking into a black screen with the resonating sound of the click-sound your PC power supply makes when unplugged. That deafening silence is a cold reminder of that split second I thought of clicking the save button but didn’t.

The culprit: my foot
The victim: me
The tool: the power supply switch under my desk

I am guilty of having done this quite a few times. This last time, however, was the last. I decided to make a cover to protect the darn switch from my foot. Now, I only lose power if I REALLY want to turn it off.

Kill SwitchTake a look at the design!  It’s  nothing fancy,  just a good old cover that uses the deflection of thin plastic and has a snug fit to stay in place no matter how hard I directly hit it.

Kill SwitchPrinted with a Stratasys Fortus 250mc with ABS P-430 with 0.01” layers. No more accidents, now I have to stick a knife in the power strip. Yep, no more accidents…

Now I willingly kick the power strip switch out of frustration because I can no longer blame accidentally bumping the switch for losing work.

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