What can you expect from SOLIDWORKS World 2018?

by Amee Meghani

Keynote Speakers

Normally, keynote speakers of any variety make me yawn.  But, for those I’ve experienced at SOLIDWORKS World, that is far from the case. I find myself wondering if the audition or selection process for speakers is super rigid, because, wow – these presenters!!!  This year, we will hear from Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus.  He’s left big footprints in Hollywood, NFL, and major production titles that you’ve heard of, such as La La Land.

You’ll also hear from architect Neri Oxman who has a laundry list of award for innovation and technology.  Kyoungchul Kong will show us a wearable robot system called ANGELEGS.  Joe Hiura and Robert Andrew Johnson who have worked on art for Avatar, will be sharing what they have done for some superheroes!

Model Mania contest

If you’re technical, you have to try the model mania contest!  Build a part in SOLIDWORKS with access to the 2D drawing print and the 3D printed model.  Can you build it?  How fast? If anything, you will really appreciate how quickly the winners accomplish the feat!

CSWP Event (and 20th birthday!)

The CSWP event is bigger and bigger every year.  This year, it is the 20th anniversary of the CSWP.  Those with the honorable CSWP ribbon (and registration) will get access to the celebratory event…and you get to go every year, henceforth!

Free T-Shirt

Get a free t-shirt designed by a SOLIDWORKS user.  Every year, SOLIDWORKS opens up a contest to design a t-shirt.  3 winners are chosen and the attendees get to choose which one they want.  This is the one I would pick.  My SOLIDWORKS shirts are also the ones I wear on the days I am doing chores around the house.  It’s my game-face shirt.

CSWE Event (even more exclusive!)

An even more exclusive party for an even more exclusive ribbon.  If you’ve earned the CSWE certification, you’ll get a ribbon (and another shirt!) upon registration.  This gets you into a fuuuuun event organized by Mike Puckett.  And after attending 3 CSWE events, I believe Mike is an authority of real fun.  Thanks, Mike!!

Partner Pavilion

This is where all of the cutting edge technology of tomorrow is.  You get to be in the passenger seat and experience first-hand future technologies.  This is an opportunity to network with partner products, meeting the SOLIDWORKS team in person, inquire about products and technologies, and get some free stuff!  Also, the Partner Pavilion has the best snacks.  The BEST.  I am shameless about foraging this arena for empty calories.

Running, Walking, or both. (Runking?)

So, you can run.  (insert eyeroll)  In Texas, we don’t even walk to the mailbox, but if you must do some activity, might as well run with your peeps for the next few days.  6 a.m. start time.  That’s reason #134 that I won’t be running.  I’m trying to exit a REM cycle at that time.

Be sure to register today!

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