A View To The Future: Growing your Company with SOLIDWORKS Manage

by Brian Dalton


For over a decade, SOLIDWORKS PDM has been helping companies manage and track their vital design data. For organizations both large and small, it’s been providing clarity, consistency, and efficiency aimed at focusing engineers’ efforts where they are needed most.

CAD Limitations

Increasingly, however, as companies grow and expand; they find themselves chafing against the limitations of a file-based, CAD-oriented system. They’re asking critical questions like “How do we create and manage a Bill of Material that captures our whole product, not just the mechanical design?” and “How can we involve more team members in our growing company in the product development and continuous improvement processes?”

Traditionally, the answers to these questions have been either “We buy XXX PLM and pay for a lengthy and expensive implementation” or “We tough it out with what we have”.  Now, there’s a third option on the horizon that is tailor-made for technology-driven companies on the way up, SOLIDWORKS Manage.

What is SOLIDWORKS Manage?

SOLIDWORKS Manage (still in pre-release testing as of this writing) is a record-based process and project management system that integrates seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS PDM. It allows instant and automatic syncing with existing CAD data in your PDM vault.  This tight integration eliminates the headaches and costs of sharing data between SOLIDWORKS PDM and typical PLM/ERP/CRM systems. It works from a common data source. So, there is no need to re-enter data or deal with the inevitable errors that result.

Change Order Processes

Once a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault is connected to a SOLIDWORKS Manage system, managing comprehensive Change Order processes becomes streamlined.  This brings more team members into the mix and provides the comprehensive change tracking and product development history that PDM sometimes lacks.  Virtually, any other processes can be created as well, such as NCMRCAPA and tracking employee training.  In addition, Non-CAD documents of all kinds can be managed and vaulted and can be attached to related records as desired, keeping relevant information just a click away.

Update Automatically

With SOLIDWORKS Manage, your Bills of Material are free to be used as part of larger whole-product BOMs.  Bringing your mechanical design data together with electrical, software, consumables, packaging, documentation, more. becomes a breeze – without compromising the engineering work already in your SOLIDWORKS PDM vault. It can be updated automatically whenever PDM vaulted data changes.

SOLIDWORKS Manage doesn’t stop there, however.  It leverages its database-driven core to provide CRM capabilities as well and includes a full-featured Project Management engine. This combines milestones and tasks defined specifically for a project with tasks laid out in related processes – and updates the Gantt chart automatically as individual goals are met!

SOLIDWORKS Manage gives growing technology companies a convenient, single-vendor solution to expand beyond the boundaries of mechanical design management. It offers mature organizations a way to leverage their existing SOLIDWORKS PDM database for company-wide integration. It’s a cost-effective alternative to the overkill of a full-blown PLM product.

If you would like to learn more about using SOLIDWORKS Manage to expand the benefits and capabilities of PDM Professional, get in touch with your GoEngineer account manager. Let’s find out if this technology is a good fit for you.

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