SOLIDWORKS World 2018 – General Session Day 3: Think Certification

by Arvind Krishnan


Day 3 started with a crucial component of SOLIDWORKS’ success but something that often goes unnoticed. Certifications! There are now 275,000 Certified SOLIDWORKS users and growing every minute.

Starting this year, there are new models in the existing Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) exam, new certifications for Mold Making and an Additive Manufacturing Associate exam. These will be supported by learning modules in Certifications help technical folks kick start their career and is a great benchmark for SOLIDWORKS proficiency.


The annual SOLIDWORKS Model Mania winners were treated to Amazon gift cards. This is a yearly challenge to rapidly model a part as shown in a drawing, make changes to it and simulate it inside SOLIDWORKS.

Customer success stories were shared on stage from former race car drivers to Hollywood set designers.

  • Tarso Marques, owner and founder of Tarso Marques Concepts and a former Formula Onedriver said that SOLIDWORKS changed his life, making it easier and faster to get his vision on the road for the car parts and components they design. 




  • ENVE, a company started by a small group of cyclers with an interest in carbon fiber technology, uses SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation to create high-strength components, such as molds and fixtures.

  • Gilo Cardozo showed us Mako; a 12HP jet board weighing only 3.5kg.

  • Arrivo spoke about futuristic roads to solve traffic problems with automated one lane cars travelling extremely fast and close to each other.

  • Since we are in Los Angeles, the day’s keynote address was given by art director and set designers, Joseph Hiura and Robert Andrew Johnson.  They talked about the Bat mobile, the Pod from the movie Passenger and other movie sets they have created. It amazes me the length and breadth of what is created using SOLIDWORKS. 

What’s New 2019

Topology Optimization was introduced in 2018 but several enhancements in 2019 like Mesh Sections and Frequency constraints will help make it a mainstream initial conceptualization tool for our users. Interference detection for multi-body parts, de-noiser in Visualize, Mates grouped by status and Viewing Components Side by Side to help better understanding were some of the other features. Folks working with large assemblies will especially like the new De-feature enhancements. You can create Drawings on them, it is faster to work with, and protects Intellectual Property when collaborating with outside companies.

Three Days ran by really quickly, but I’m glad to share that SOLIDWORKS World 2019 will be held in my hometown of Dallas, TX. Hope you all have found this blog useful.




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