2018 Winter Olympics: Hockey Mask Designs

by Adam Hughes

2018 Winter Olympics – NHL season won’t allow for participation

On February 9th, the 2018 Winter Olympics kicks off in PyeongChang, South Korea and I’m excited.  Though Alpine skiing, Bobsled, and Snowboarding are cool, the Olympic Hockey Tournament has always been my favorite.  But this year will be a little different.  The NHL has decided to not schedule a break in their season and therefore no NHL players will be participating in the Olympic Games.

Change is good

Initially, I was pretty bummed to hear this.  How can they hand out an Olympic Gold medal to anyone when they know the best players in the world aren’t on the ice?  Well, after giving it some thought, I realized that having the NHL players sitting out means all Olympic teams will be made up mostly of younger players that aren’t in the NHL yet.  This will be a great opportunity to see these younger players show what they’ve got with all the pressure of representing their countries at the Olympics.

Now I’m looking forward to the Olympics, even more, knowing we will be seeing the next generation of hockey talent and every one of them will be out there with something to prove.  How exciting is that!?!

All this excitement has spilled over into my workday and, well, here’s the result:

Hockey + SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Using the power of SOLIDWORKS Visualize I created a few renderings of my Team GoEngineer Goalie mask.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is surprisingly easy to use; I was able to apply the colors, lighting, textures, and backdrops in just a few minutes.  I even played with the focal length of the camera to get the blurred effect I was after.

The best part is how fast these renderings are calculated thanks to SOLIDWORKS Visualize leveraging both the CPU processor and Cuda Core technology inside Nvidia graphics cards.  With SOLIDWORKS Visualize I’m able to quickly generate website quality images with accurate lighting, reflection and appearances in a matter of minutes.

The first USA Women’s team game is on February 11 versus Finland and the first Men’s team plays on February 14 against Slovenia so if you’re looking for me on those days, you know what I’ll be doing.

Fun Facts:

The first Olympic Games to include ice hockey for men took place in 1920 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Women’s hockey was added to the Olympic Winter Games program in Nagano, Japan in 1998.

Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medal Count:

  1. Canada: 13
  2. Russia: 7
  3. USA: 3
  4. Sweden: 2
  5. Czech Republic: 1

Last USA Men’s Gold:             1980 Lake Placid

Last USA Women’s Gold:       1998 Nagano

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