Earth Day 2018 – End Plastic Pollution

by Deborah Cox

This year the Earth Day Network is focusing on plastic. Did you know that plastic – the trash we toss out that goes to landfills and litters the sides of streets and trails is the #1 leading killer of wildlife? It is! And, we can make a difference.

Plastic is Everywhere

As you drive around, take a look at the sides of the roads – what do you see? Plastic!  When you hike a trail – whether in city parks or the mountains – what do you see? Trash – mostly plastic, including doggy bags left behind by pet owners who rightly pick up their pet’s waste, yet leave the litter on the side of the trail.

Do Unto the Earth as You Would at Home

Much like we don’t leave our trash lying around at home, we should be careful to avoid dumping it on streets, forests, and beaches, in an effort to treat the earth as we treat our home or workspace.

Want to know how you can you help save the earth and the animals? It is easy, and you can help more than once a year. Below are a few ways to get involved!

Make a Difference

Adopt a street. This is just one way to help the earth. There are city street adoptions – which usually have quarterly cleanups. There are county and state highways – which have semi-annual cleanups. All of the sponsoring agencies provide all of the materials needed to assist with the cleanup; all they need is volunteers. Get your office involved or a group of friends or family.

Adopt a section of a park where you can plant or weed, or again clean up trash – did you know that most trash in parks and along streets is NOT from the homeless?! It is from everyday working folks like you and me who think that one little bottle they toss out won’t hurt anything!  But, if EVERYONE did that, every day you would see mountains of trash along the roads.

How else can you help, you ask, if trash pick-up is not your thing?

Recycle at Work

Again I have a solution – look around your office and home. How much can you recycle that you currently toss in the trash? Use a coffee cup in the office for your water; a metal one is easy to clean. Skip the plastic bottles. In 2016 the average American used almost 170 plastic bottles yet recycled only about 35 of them! Where did the rest go?

Also, when shopping, use a paper bag, or a cloth bag that you can wash.   Each year 500 million to 1 trillion bags (those are BIG numbers) are used – yet less than 1/8th of them are recycled. They end up in our oceans, on our streets, and so many other places. Recently a whale was found to have 30 bags in its stomach; it starved to death as it could not eat nor digest those bags.

Everyone Can Help!

As lovers of geocaching – we as a community hold what are called CITOs (Cache In Trash Out®) – events where people get together to clean up areas – streets and parks and highways – events held 3 to 4 times a year all over the world.

At GoEngineer our offices help out with hurricane relief in some areas, (from assisting with cleanup, to housing, to feeding) and also adopt-a-street programs.

Everyone can help save the earth – it all starts with you! Look around. Where can you start today to help? Take a walk, and pick up trash. Even if you pick up just one piece, you are making a difference.

It all starts with YOU!  REDUCE / REUSE / RECYCLE – Save the Earth


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About Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox is a 3D Printer Technician based in the Pacific Northwest. She came to GoEngineer with over 14 years experience with printing technology. She loves working on the printers just as much as she enjoys installing and training new customers to help get them going - she has a true passion for 3D Printing. Outside of GoEngineer, she can be found running, swimming, biking, hiking & geocaching with her dog.

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