3D Printing a Candy Dispenser Base

by Jim Ward

The Cup

In Santa Clara, we have an office manager who attempts to make our lives a bit more enjoyable by providing snacks for the office. Thank you Elizabeth Cavall! Some of the snacks are small – think M&Ms, chocolate coated coffee beans or Skittles. She buys them in large bags and places them in canisters. To help even more, she provides small cups so we can serve ourselves straight out of the canisters to enjoy at our desks.

The Candy Dispenser

However, it was a bit of a pain to scoop out the candy from the canister and into the cups. She came across this nifty candy dispenser which works great for dispensing the candy.

The Problem

The cups are a good idea and the dispenser is a good idea. But – there’s a problem! The cup doesn’t fit under the spout of the dispenser. Horrors! What will we do?

The Solution

SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing to the rescue! We happen to already have access to SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys 3D printers. So, I set my mind on creating a base that will raise the dispenser enough so that the cup will fit under the spout.

I had a little fun and actually designed (4) bases in SOLIDWORKS but I printed the two I thought were the most promising. Once printed, I tried both bases and actually decided that the first and simplest base (Disk with Ribs – see the design below) looked the best – so that is the one we are using now.


Disk with Ribs

Disk with Pegs

Ring with Ribs

Platform Support

The Printed Parts

Printed Disk with Ribs

Printed Disk with Pegs

Here is the end result!

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