Our Top 10 Favorite Blog Articles of 2018 by GoEngineer

by Deborah Bell

Take a break from your day and enjoy the top stories authored by our technical team at GoEngineer in 2018.

1. Nerf Dart: Heads Improved Using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation by Erick Vega – If it involves Nerf, it’s simply fun!


2. 3D Technology and Archaeology: Enabling Artifacts to Virtually and LiterallyTravel the World by William Huertas – World travel, count me in!


3. How it’s Made: DIY  Vacuum Forming by Adam Hughes – We just love Adam’s spin on this topic giving us his best MacGyver impression.


4. Vasquez Family Battles to the Top at BatttleBots 2018 by Deborah Bell – Check out the footage of mini versions of whiplash being 3D printed!


5. URB-E: Scooting in SOLIDWORKS by Amee Meghani – On my holiday wish list! The future is now.


6. 3D Scanning from GoEngineer Gives Drake Automotive the Advantage by Mitch Bossart – One word: Mustangs!


7. 3D Design Kids’ Camp 2018 by Jessica Skorut – Who doesn’t love a mini-marshmallow launcher!


8. GoEngineer Aims to Level the Employment Playing Field – One of our favorites from SOLIDWORKS World was student day when our CEO and Founder got to spend time talking with students (future engineers!) during breakfast fielding some questions from them about the industry, the job market and a host of design and engineering questions.


9. How I Used SOLIDWORKS to Test My Last Jedi Theory by Shivani Patel – Or, as Yoda would say and we approve…” Using SOLIDWORKS to prove a fan theory, you can”!


10. Puppy Love with SOLIDWORKS Weldments by Brian Johnson – Ok, so this article 100% had me at “Puppy”! This was a fun and informative article to read from the idea, to the build, to seeing the results.




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