Trailing Zeroes for Dimensions, Tolerances, and Properties: SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks

Article by GoEngineer on May 08, 2020

Trailing Zeroes can be customized in SOLIDWORKS for Dimensions, Tolerances, and Properties. This setting is available in parts, drawings, and assemblies and is found in Tools>Options>Document Properties>Dimensions>Zeroes>Trailing Zeroes.

trailing zeroes in solidworks

Trailing Zeroes can be customized in the following manner:

  • Dimensions
    • Show: Displays trailing zeroes at the number of decimal places for each dimension.
    • Remove: Removes trailing zeroes from all dimensions.
  • Tolerances: Applies to tolerance values for chamfer, hole callout, diameter, ordinate, and radius as well as tolerances that appear in notes and tables.
    • Show: Displays trailing zeroes at the number of decimal places for each dimension (Bilateral, Limit, Symmetric). 
    • Remove: Removes trailing zero from all tolerances. 
    • Remove only on zero: Removes trailing zero, trailing zeroes are displayed at the tolerance decimal value. 
    • Same as Dimension: Uses trailing zero dimension setting.
  • Properties: Applies to numeric values such as Mass, Density, and Volume found on the Units page of the Document Properties.
    • Show: Displays trailing zeroes at the decimal place applied to each numeric property.
    • Remove: Removes trailing zero from numeric property value including mass properties and the status bar.

Dimensions and Tolerance Settings

In my example, I have created a drawing on a widget and would now like to control the trailing zeroes. My drawing is set to two decimal places for the dimensions and four for tolerances. Here are the different results for the Dimension and Tolerance settings.

Dimension and tolerance settings in solidworks

Dimension and tolerance settings in solidworks2

Dimension and tolerance settings in solidworks

Properties Settings

Now let’s explore the Properties Settings. I opened my Widget part and looked at the mass properties to discover its weight. Changing the setting to “removed” results in truncated mass value.

Properties Settings solidworks

mass properties solidworks

That wraps up this quick tip for Trailing Zeroes! For more SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks be sure to subscribe!

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