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About Arvind Krishnan

Arvind Krishnan completed his BSME from the University of Texas at Arlington. He works as a Manufacturing Applications Engineer in Dallas with focus on SOLIDWORKS Simulation . He enjoys playing Badminton, Tennis and Chess.

3D Printing Fluid Flow Trajectory Lines

by Arvind Krishnan

3D Printing technology and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation meet to help take your product demonstrations to a whole new level. Find out how in this blog post.

How Additive Manufacturing Helps Achieve Topology Optimization And Why You Might Care

by Arvind Krishnan

End-use parts are now being produced with 3D printing technologies that are often lighter and stronger than their counterparts produced with traditional manufacturing processes. Because you can create designs with greatly reduced mass using additive manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Stratasys 3D printers become a natural match, enabling you to create designs that will keep you ahead of the competition.