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About Brad Hansen, GoEngineer CEO

Graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Finance. Enjoys reading, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Over 20 years of experience including time working with non-profits, startups and value added resellers.

The surprising secret to company cohesiveness and creativity

by Brad Hansen, GoEngineer CEO

A couple of years ago, a few of us at GoEngineer started dreaming about what we could accomplish if we could gather all of our employees in the same location for a couple of days—call it networking, call it collaboration, call it an excuse to recharge. There was no doubt that the amount of talent and energy that could be shared had the potential to be game-changing for our company and customers.

3D Printing: Rounding Out the 3D Experience

by Brad Hansen, GoEngineer CEO

“We’re wasting huge amounts of money by NOT having 3D printing.” That statement was expressed by one GoEngineer customer at a luncheon I recently attended. He said he