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Strategic marketing planning for the promotion and communication of GoEngineer's brand, products and service offerings for customers and companies using or considering using Dassault Systems SolidWorks 3D CAD software, CAMWorks, Altium EDA and Stratasys 3D Printer products, to optimize the client 3D experience through integrated product design productivity.

High Lifter Uses GoEngineer Solutions to Reach a New Level of Success

by Jennifer Douglas

GoEngineer’s technology solutions helped raise High Lifter to new levels of success. Like many companies they were faced with challenges and needed an efficient solution that saved money and was easy to implement.  For High Lifter, this was their strategy:

3D Design & Printing is a Crazy Huge World

by Jennifer Douglas

With the school year wrapping up, engineering parents are looking for a place to send their teenager for summer. After all, keeping them busy means staying out of trouble, right?  Summer camp used to include toasting marshmallows, children pranks and