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About Kirk Brown

Kirk Brown is a rapid prototyping specialist that has been with GoEngineer for over 15 years. He began working with GoEngineer in 1997 as the marketing director and ISR in the Salt Lake City office. From 1999 to 2001 he helped manage the Denver, Colorado office and started a prototyping service bureau for GoEngineer. Since moving back to Utah, Kirk has been dedicated to rapid prototyping and is a certified technician for multiple brands of 3D printers. In his spare time over the last 10 years Kirk has been a volunteer radio personality for the Salt Lake Community Radio Station KRCL.

Be Nice, they could end up a customer by Kirk Brown

In January Stratasys asked me to help them with the new Mojo software Beta test. Part of the test was to print constantly for a week. I decided to print all the toys and fun parts I’ve had for years that I never had a chance to print. I was so impressed with the space ships and dinosaurs I was printing that I figured posting them on Instagram would be a great way to show off the Mojo’s capabilities.