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About Tandy Banks

Tandy is an Elite Applications Engineer in Oklahoma. He has been using SolidWorks since version 97+. His mechanical design background includes: high-pressure pumps, fluid systems, heavy fabrication, high-precision machining, various oilfield equipment and electronics packaging. He is very experienced in manufacturing processes and collaboration between technology and manufacturing systems. He was awarded SolidWorks' Elite status in 2009.

Real-World Challenges for Aspiring Engineers

by Tandy Banks

Nearly 400 Oklahoma teens competed in this year’s Duncan Area Youth Engineering Contest, up 50% from last year’s 240! Students in grades 7-12 from 9 different schools participated in the contest that is designed around PITSCO’s Metric 500 CO2 drag

We Fear Change! by Tandy Banks

How Small Businesses Invest in Technology Part 1: Production-centric Companies Have you ever come home to find that someone has moved your favorite recliner? (Shouldn’t be a big deal, right?) But your first slightly irritated reaction may have been: “Why

Chili Bowl in Tulsa – and not the kind you eat

by Tandy Banks

Tulsa, OK – The 28th annual Chili Bowl Nationals was an action packed week of racing.  281 drivers took to the indoor arena in hopes of claiming the coveted title of Chili Bowl Nationals Champion.  The Chili Bowl is a unique

Scheduled Maintenance

by Tandy Banks

This blog by Tandy Banks engages the thought about regular maintenance for our technical resources. Analyzing your current status and finding ways to improve for the next year.

DAEDF hosts 5th annual Engineering Contest – Duncan, OK by Tandy Banks

[gallery ids="2820,2821,2822"] 240 kids from 6 different area schools participated in a PITSCO Metric 500 drag race.  Many states are adopting STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) programs. These programs have kids get involved with making projects and learning along the way. The Metric

Advance Your Skills with SolidWorks 201 by Tandy Banks

Our “201” class is comprised of SolidWorks Advanced Part and Advanced Assembly curriculum. During the 4-day course, we explore 17 chapters to help you become more proficient. Advanced Part topics include: Multi-body techniques, complex sweeping, Lofts, Boundary, curves, advanced filleting & Face features. In Assembly Modeling we cover: advanced mates, file structures, improved performance techniques, top-down design, Display States, Smart Components & assembly features.