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3DEXPERIENCE Simulate Jun 14, 2022

The CST PCB Studio is an electromagnetic simulation tool specifically for the simulation of PCBs. It has the capability to import PCB designs from the most popular EDA layout tools (Figure 1) and incorporates several solver techniques to account for the most important analysis types.  



3DEXPERIENCE Simulate Dec 13, 2021

Antenna design covers a wide range of industries. Public broadcasting (TV/Radio), military, aerospace, and nautical industries have been using antennas for decades. More recently, we have seen the emergence of antennas in devices in our homes and handheld, smart devices. Oftentimes these devices contain several different antennas for communications at different frequencies. The most obvious example is a smartphone.


3DEXPERIENCE Simulate Aug 04, 2021

3DEXPERIENCE SIMULIA offers a portfolio of high-end analysis programs from Dassault Systemes deployed on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This portfolio boasts structural analysis (FEA), fluid dynamics (CFD), and electromagnetic analysis technology to tackle the most comprehensive multi-physics analysis problems. This is especially significant in Industrial Equipment because of the dynamic nature of the loading conditions experience by these components. For instance, the roof crush analysis is a standard test performed on heavy machinery to ensure operator safety.