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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Nov 10, 2023

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024 brings many enhancements that help document designs more efficiently than ever before - in both 2D and 3D. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2024, users now have Auto-ballooning functionality when documenting 2D cabinet layouts. Click on Auto-balloon from the cabinet layout ribbon menu to easily create balloons to identify the components in a cabinet. 


OrCAD X Oct 24, 2023

OrCAD X has officially launched, and GoEngineer is proud to offer this latest PCB design solution from Cadence. OrCAD X is an excellent choice for PCB design at SOLIDWORKS companies thanks to MCADX, Cadence’s ECAD-MCAD collaboration tool.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Aug 17, 2023

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, external documentation can be added to a project. It can be stored inside the project archive or added as a shortcut. Adding a data file will bring the file into the project, and no link will be created back to the original location. If the file gets updated, the update will not transfer to the file in the electrical project.


The SOLIDWORKS Rx log includes information like machine specs, registry information, event logs, a video recording of you recreating the behavior, and a Pack & Go of the affected files. This article includes the instructions for running a SOLIDWORKS Rx problem capture in SOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS Electrical, and SOLIDWORKS Composer. (It can also capture behavior in File Explorer, eDrawings, and Visualize, which we'll also cover.) 


SOLIDWORKS Electrical May 24, 2023

Within SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, custom line types can be added and applied to wire styles, layers, and cable styles. To create or add line types, within the project template, go to the Project tab > Configurations Drawing style… If you do not have a drawing style associated with your project, select either imperial or metric style, and select Add to project.



SOLIDWORKS Electrical Dec 22, 2022

Installations are often blocked by firewall ports, incorrect server name, or a default SQL instance that has already been created. So if you're dealing with SOLIDWORKS Electrical installation errors or connecting to the SQL Express, check that these common errors are not causing problems.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Oct 24, 2022

The article describes how to create a custom duct or DIN rail to be utilized in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D with adjustable length and hole patterns for panel cutouts. There is a sample duct assembly in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical software found in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical data folder under SOLIDWORKS > sldPrt named EW_DUCT_H1.SLDASM. We could make a copy of this part and customize it as required, but instead, we'll create one from scratch.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Oct 06, 2022

In this tutorial, we go over how to add custom cables in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical that do not already exist in the library. With SOLIDWORKS Electrical open, go up to the library tab, and open up the Cable Reference Library Manager.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Sep 26, 2022

In this article, we discuss using locations in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. We'll cover not only what locations are and how to use them, but how they can be used to organize SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects and bring more intelligence into a design to realistically convey as much real-world knowledge of the Electrical system into schematic drawings.


GoEngineer Community
Join the conversation! Over 8,000 engineers are already on the GoEngineer Community.