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ETS-Lindgren: PDM beyond CAD

by Steven Darcey

ETS-Lindgren is a leading supplier of energy management solutions for the industrial & commercial markets & use SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage design files.

The PDM Administrator Experience

by Brian Dalton

SOLIDWORKS PDM provides a convenient and intuitive experience to ease the difficulties of the PDM Administrator. Learn more in this post.

Big Benefits From a Simple Data Management Strategy

by Sandy Ortez

Data Management

Even if you don’t have a formal data management system, chances are, you are still paying to manage it. Learn how to easily manage your design files to provide everyone access without interrupting engineering. Data Management is key!

How To Break Up with Workgroup PDM

by Amee Meghani

In life, there are choices you make and there are choices made for you.  Workgroup PDM was a little bit of both.  Its fidelity is vanishing, and in 2017, she’s about to be somebody that you used to know.  Meanwhile, PDM Standard is patiently and eagerly awaiting your arrival, so don’t delay an imminent painful [...]

Inglorious Administrators

by Joseph Cutrona

Glory comes in one form with data management – Automation. In a huge corporate demonstration with executives looking on and a hundred thousand on the line, the only “oohs” and “aahs” you’ll hear are the ones connected to productivity gain.

Shape Up The Way You Search With EXALEAD OnePart

by Jeff Gherardi

Many of our GoEngineer customers already know me; I’ve been helping you with your Data Management issues for years. There is much more to Data management than Revision Control, Change Processes, and Collaboration, it is also about organizing and finding your data.

Automated Cache Management

by Francisco Guzman

I enjoy hearing about new approaches to automate repetitive tasks and facilitate daily processes. When I first heard about Enterprise PDM’s new option to automate caching behavior for Enterprise PDM 2014, I immediately thought about sharing this new useful functionality.