Tools, SDK’s, Extensions and Customization’s for Oracle Agile PLM

Agile customers may need to extend Agile’s functionality or automate specific business functions to gain further efficiency and streamline business processes. To serve this need GoEngineer has developed a series of Oracle Agile PLM tools that are simple to install and use. Below is a partial listing of tools available.

ACS XML Flattener (ACS-to-ChangeCAST output converter)

XML Flattener creates ChangeCAST equivalent output from Agile Content Server (ACS) output files, thus allowing an easy transition to Agile PLM (9.x) when upgrading from Agile Advantage or an 8.5 or earlier system. The application will convert the ACS output into one or more flat files, optionally FTP those files, and send an e-mail to one or more e-mail addresses if there are any errors. This application also eliminates the need for a separate utility that extracts and post-processes Page 3 attributes into the output file.

JumpStart Configuration Packs

Pre-configured Agile environments to support quick implementations based on best practices and common configuration requests. Packages for Hi-Tech, Semiconductor, and Medical Device customers available. Oracle Accelerate certified. Modules supported are PC, PQM, and PPM.

Agile Training Courses and Materials

Super User, Administrator, and End User course content for which can be used as is or can be modified for customer-specific environments. Softcopies available. Content for PC, PQM, PPM, PG & C and PCM.

Agile Extractor

Agile File Extractor

Quickly extracts all item, BOM, AML, and attachments from Agile into MS Access, used for importing into another system, such as ERP. A subset of Agile Extractor designed to extract specific item attachments. Great for automating a bulk “Get” operation.


Description Generator

A COM DLL designed to extract attachments programmatically. Intended to be used with LabView, but can be used by any COM aware programming environment. Automated or GUI based description generator based on Title Block, Page Two, or Page Three attributes. Perfect for standardizing description formats for consistent searching and reporting.

GoVM Virtual Test Server

Agile Import Automation

A virtual machine instance of Agile for simple plug-in- and-go test environments. Run Agile Import without user intervention.

AQM Import

Simple BOM Import

Import PSRs and QCRs quickly and easily. Easy mechanism to import assemblies without requiring training for CAD engineers.

AML Cleanup

Word Report Generator

Consolidate and standardize on manufacturer parts and manufacturer names. Particularly useful fter merging two or more Agile systems. Generate custom reports, merging Agile data into a Word template with Word or PDF output.

Bulk Print


Print all PDF attachments for a given assembly. Bulk export Agile data into zipped CSV files with attachments, similar to PDX.

Approver Automation Tool

Line Number Assignment

Supports end user defining approvers & observers using full workflow automation. Automatically set Find Number or other BOM attribute to uniquely identify BOM row.

Redline Report

Unreleased Children

Display just the redlines for affected items. Automatically add all unreleased children to the Affected Items tab.

Clone BOM

UserGroup to User Approver/Observer Assignment

Quickly create BOMs from a template. Substitute the name of the group with the individual names of the users within that group as it enters specific workflow states.

Manage Discovery

Conditional Fields

Add and Remove partners throughout an exploded BOM. Selectively manage portions of the BOM. ►►► Watch Video Validate a combination of field values. Optionally set fields based on the matched combination. ►►► Watch Video

Compliance Conductor

Merge Document

Pull and maintain in Agile component Conflict Mineral compliance status from Total Parts Plus ►►► Watch Video Generate stylish reports and documents using information from agile using your own layouts. ►►► Watch Video