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Protect Your SOLIDWORKS Data Management Investment

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Services Designed to Simplify Your SOLIDWORKS Manage and PDM Solutions

GoEngineer Managed Administration Services are a complete set of services centered around protecting and maintaining your data management investment. They would take the place of a typical in house PDM administrator allowing your business to free up internal resources for much needed projects. Your company would be given a personal PDM Administrator to understand your unique data management needs, all the while being backed by our team of data management experts. They would handle typical tasks such as updating workflows, updating permissions, adding users, or updating required data for files or projects. They would also handle your PDM upgrades and be a personal contact for any PDM related support. As your business expands and your data management needs change they would be able to advise you based on their unique experience working with multiple companies who’ve had similar needs or requirements.

Outsource Your SOLIDWORKS PDM Workload to GoEngineer

Managed Administration Benefits

Learn How GoEngineer Can Improve Efficiency with Managed SOLIDWORKS PDM Services
Efficient Use of Resources

The burden of managing your data management tools can be a distraction from engineering, design, prototyping, manufacturing, quality and testing work. Let GoEngineer manage your software tools, and let your Full Time Employees get back to working on what they’re really good at.

Get Priority Support Services for SOLIDWORKS PDM Icon with GoEngineer Managed Administration Services
Get Priority Support Services

When your team has questions or experiences any challenges with their data management solution they are able to reach out to their personal GoEngineer PDM administrator who can troubleshoot problems and make corrections as needed with Priority Support Services.

Reduce your IT workload for SOLIDWORKS PDM Icon with GoEngineer Managed Administration Services
Reduce Your IT Workload

Our PDM administration services take the burden off your engineering or IT team in maintaining your Data management solution. Our experts will handle the heavy lifting in adding or removing users, updating workflows or processes, modifying permissions, or handling an upgrade to the next major version.

Get Proven Expertise Solutions with GoEngineer Managed Administration ServicesProven Expertise Solutions

We’ve helped thousands of companies successfully deploy data management solutions for their organization. Let our team not only help you deploy your data management solution but provide a truly complete management solution for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

As your company grows and your needs expand your administrator would handle those upgrades and additions as part of your administration service.

Either, you’re welcome to work with technical support for questions or if you have questions specific to your environment your administrator may be a more knowledgeable resource for those types of questions. Keep in mind, your Administrator always has visibility into all tickets submitted by your users.

GoEngineer Managed Administration Services are designed to augment an existing deployment, if you’re initially deploying PDM we’ll still need to work with your team on an initial implementation.

Custom scripting such as system connectors are not included in Managed Administration Services, but they are available as a separate service.

Absolutely! Your administrator will handle migrating PDM or Manage to a new host in the event you need to decommission the existing server. The same is true for setting up or refreshing Test environments, if applicable.

GoEngineer Managed Administration Services are on a term contract, typically 12 months, the cost is dependent on the number of PDM or Manage users.

The administrator will need to be supplied VPN access to your network as well as admin level credentials to the servers hosting PDM.

The Administrator will be a remote member of your team hosted in our offices, they are available for regular check ins or meetings as part of their role. They’ll be similar to other remote employees on your team.

You’ll have access to their direct line as well as their email, so you are free to connect to them in the method that’s most convenient for you.

Your admin works typical business hours, if after hour support is needed it is available when scheduled ahead of time with your administrator.

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