Portable 3D Scanning

Creaform 3D Scanners
Fast and Versatile 3D Scanning Technology

Together with Creaform, GoEngineer offers a variety of Portable 3D Scanning technologies that have been developed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications, serving the needs of the aerospace, automotive and oil & gas industries. From professional-grade to metrology-grade, they provide users with highly accurate, portable and easy-to-use solutions.

Fast and Versatile 3D Scanners

The HANDYSCAN 3D delivers accurate, high-resolution and repeatable results, regardless of the measurement setup quality and no matter the user experience. Featuring dynamic referencing, both the scanner and part can move during measurement and still provide an accurate and high‑quality scan


  • Color data acquisition
  • Affordable accuracy
  • Pro-grade measurements

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HandySCAN 3D

  • Truly portable
  • Metrology-grade
  • User Friendly

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MetraSCAN 3D

  • Highly Accurate
  • Dynamic referencing
  • Complete Solution

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