Agile PLM Cloud

Introducing the latest product offering that allows you to minimize cost, complexity, and time to implement Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management. Agile is the leading Enterprise PLM Application for Managing the Entire Product Value Chain.

Getting high quality products to market fast is critical in today’s competitive market. Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enables this by providing a collaborative and comprehensive approach to managing the entire product development process from concept through end-of-life of your products. Agile PLM focuses on managing your entire product record through a centralized database, leveraging internal and supply-chain collaboration via automated workflow approval processes.

Agile Product Collaboration focuses on process efficiencies, rapid innovation and cross-functional collaboration with internal and external supply-chain partners. The extended solution suite includes solutions to manage a closed-loop quality control process, phase-gate project management, governance and compliance (e.g. RoHS, WEEE, Reach and Conflict Minerals), product sourcing.

Why have an Agile PLM Cloud?

  • Simple: By design, this allows you to implement Agile with no hardware set-up, no software installation, just a simple URL log in for taking advantage.
  • Adaptable: Leverage a great user experience with the ability to start small and scale as your business and needs evolve.
  • Powerful: Get the benefit of a Tier I PLM application, with a deep and wide set of functionality, available to you under a Cloud subscription model.
  • Fast: You get a reliable and scalable infrastructure, managed by a team of professionals, that is designed to give you the best user experience possible.

What is the Agile PLM Cloud?

  • Subscription-based, Cloud solution for Agile PLM
  • Software licensing, infrastructure and front-line technical support
  • Fully backed by the Oracle support organization
  • Proven platform for small, medium and large customers
  • Supports many industries including Hi-Tech, Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Industrial, and CPG.
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Agile PLM Cloud Benefits:

Tier I PLM

Agile PLM is the broadest and deepest PLM solution in the market today, with close to 20 years of research and development behind it and a history of innovation.

Secure and Flexible Infrastructure

Unlike traditional multi-tenant SaaS provider solutions, the Agile PLM Cloud provides a more secure and flexible user experience where customers are not forced to upgrade. Our customers do not compromise their IP, configuration or performance through co-mingling of their data. The Agile PLM Cloud provides complete segregation of data, configuration and allows clients the flexibility to upgrade based on their requirements. Customers determine if and when to upgrade, which is critical for our regulated Life Science customers that are required to undergo IQ/OQ/PQ software validation to comply with the FDA.

Operation Expense vs. Capital Expense

With periodic subscription payments, the Agile PLM Cloud solution is treated as an Operational Expense, not a Capital Expenditure

Remove IT burden

Today’s business environment requires a greater focus on your core competencies. Companies have leaner IT budgets and face more constraints than ever before. The Agile PLM Cloud enables companies to rapidly deploy Agile by eliminating IT dependency for system support. GoEngineer provides all the infrastructure and support to manage the Agile PLM solution in a SAS 70 certified data center, complete with multiple daily on-site and off-site backups.

Accelerate time to implement

jumpstartDramatically reduce the time required to implement PLM. Through rapid Cloud setup and GoEngineer’s crowd-sourced, implementation Best Practices (JumpStart™) methodology, customers are able to use the solution quickly. With Agile’s built-in application suite, customers are able add greater functionality as they grow and their needs evolve (e.g. Product Quality Management, Product Portfolio Management, Product Governance and Compliance, Product Cost Management and Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics).

How much does it cost?

The Agile PLM Cloud is provided under a subscription license agreement with packages starting for as low as $13,800/year. Customers are able to centralize the management and release of their complete product record for parts, Bill of Materials (BOMs), approved manufacturers, suppliers, and documentation via Agile’s robust workflow approval process.

How are upgrades handled?

The Agile PLM licensing agreement gives customers access to all Agile software releases. Customers determine if and when upgrades will be applied, since we do not force them to upgrade. GoEngineer supports clients to evaluate, schedule and apply upgrades based on their existing business processes and need to maintain regulatory compliance.