Elastomer – 3D Print Material

A new world of possibilities.

Durable parts that elongate and compress, each one printed directly from the F123 Series for superior reliability and repeatability. Our focus: reduce your costs, shorten your development cycles and simplify the prototype-to-product journey across a wide range of applications.

“Parts are virtually indestructible.” – Beta Customer

Now you can produce flexible yet durable prototypes on the FDM technology that closely mimic final parts made from rubbers, elastomers, and urethanes. Easily prototype complex and non-planar geometries. This material serves a wide range of industries from automotive to consumer goods— for both prototype and soft tooling applications. Additional applications limited only by your imagination. What’s more, support material for the FDM TPU 92A material is 100% soluble which provides fast, easy, hands-free post-processing.

“[We] used to have to find workarounds for elastomer parts, now [we] can design for it.” – Read Blog Article


F123 Series

Go large. Go complex.

Design for purpose without constraints. With elastomer and the F123 Series printer you can create large parts and overhangs. Or incorporate cavities and complex geometries. Accurately. Repeatably. And as close as it gets to the finished part.

F123 Series
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Soluble support. Dissolves costs.

Soluble support. Dissolves costs.

Achieve complex geometries and cavities with our exclusive soluble support material. A support structure that’s printed around the part, saving you any design compromise and hands-on removal, reducing costs and simplifying the prototype-to-product journey.

A faster, smarter way.
With elastomer on the F123 Series, design the exact part you need, without compromise, thanks to our exclusive soluble support.

Go large, go complex. And when the part is ready, the support structure can simply be washed away.

Traditional method

Traditional methods of hand finishing 3d printed support structures are labor-intensive and time-consuming.