PLM Bridge

PLM Bridge is a powerful and intuitive Agile PLM integration platform. Customers now have an alternative to costly integration solutions that provide limited functionality. With PLM Bridge, you can exchange data between Agile PC, PQM, PPM, PCM, PG&C  and multiple target systems. We put the control back into your hands to manage all aspects of integration.

PLMBridgeQuoteBuilding a Better Bridge

Good integrations reduce quality issues and eliminate duplicate data entry to ensure information is rapidly passed from one system to another.

For more than a decade, we’ve seen integrations that didn’t live up to the hype. Customers deserve integrations that run seamlessly, are easy to use and can be configured as their business requirements evolve. GoEngineer surveyed the integration landscape and decided that it was time to provide a better integration bridge using next generation methodologies.

Now you can have a reliable, high performance bi-directional integration platform to exchange data and files between the Agile PLM solution suite, ERP, CRM and many other critical business systems.


Utilizing our best practice integration methodology and intuitive platform, customers are able to rapidly deploy PLM Bridge for one or multiple target systems. By eliminating constraints typically associated with other point-to-point integration solutions, you will accelerate the time to implement and provide a great customer experience for your Agile Administrators.

Why PLM Bridge is Better

  • Handles PC, PQM, PPM and PG&C data transfers
  • Supports all Agile data attribute types
  • Administration within the Agile UI
  • Standard Bi-directional integration
  • Unique data transfer between multiple ERP Plants/Organizations
  • Data and file exchange
  • Ease of Use:
    • Drag-and-drop field mapping
    • Programming free development
    • Link multiple target systems
    • Customers can easily configure changes as their needs evolve

 Business Benefits

  • Rapid implementation
  • Faster product design turns
  • Faster customer issue response times
  • Eliminate data errors
  • Reduced training and administration
  • Reduced server administration and costs
  • Leverage existing framework investment

Administration Dashboard

One of the features that sets PLM Bridge apart from the competition is the Administration Dashboard. From within the Agile application you get complete visibility while providing a complete audit trail. Customers can get a comprehensive view of all pending or processed Data Transfer Records (DTRs) and take action quickly to address any issues. We’ve designed the administration dashboard to eliminate ambiguity and make it easy to address the corrective action.

PLM Bridge Admin Dashboard