SOLIDWORKS Visualize is “The Camera” that enables users of SOLIDWORKS and other CAD data programs to create, communicate, and collaborate with high-quality visual.

SWVisualizeArchitectureWhat is SOLIDWORKS Visualize?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formerly known as Bunkspeed) provides a suite of standalone software tools that combine industry-leading rendering capabilities with visual design-oriented features and workflows that enable easy and fast creation of visual content that communicates a design’s vision, passion, and emotion.

  • Quality images indistinguishable from photos
  • Intuitive interface and minimal learning curve
  • Industry-leading GPU (graphics card) support

SWVisualizeInteriorNo CAD knowledge required

With its simple, intuitive user interface, SOLIDWORKS Visualize requires virtually no learning curve and lets users produce content quickly. Detailed training materials, in-depth help files, online tutorials, and user forums provide more detailed instructions to help ensure that even non-technical staff can start creating amazing content instantly.


 SWVisualizeHeadphonesSOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

You no longer need to compromise your marketing and presentation materials by relying on screen grabs or budget for costly photographs of prototypes to show your latest product. With SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you can quickly and easily create:

  • Lifelike photo-quality images
  • A mood board of different colors and finishes
  • High-resolution images ready for print and the web
  • Technical illustrations of key features

SOLIDWORKS Visualize standard is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium 2016 bundles. But you can also purchase a standalone license as it does not require SOLIDWORKS and can be used with files from other CAD systems like Rhino®, Autodesk® Alias®, or 3ds Max®.

 SWVisualizeCarInteriorSOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional enables users to easily generate photo-quality stills and interactive animations to effectively communicate the most complex design details.

  • Demonstrate products more effectively with full animation of parts, models, appearances, camera views, and environments
  • Quickly show off the final design with one-click 360-degree spins
  • Present and compare varying design solutions side-by-side with multiple viewports
  • Unleash your creative side with customizable Camera Filters
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Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
Hardware agnostic, unbiased, interactive wysiwyg pathtracing using NVIDIA iray (Accurate Mode)
Hardware agnostic, biased, interactive wysiwyg raytracing using NVIDIA iray (Fast Mode)
Hardware agnostic, high quality, interactive wysiwyg rasterizer (Preview Mode)
Supported techniques such as global illumination, ambient occlusion, screenspace shadows, IBL, color bleeding, dispersive caustics, unlimited raybounces, refraction, rough reflections and more.
Automatic “Blending” between rendering modes
HDRI lighting
Light emission from geometry
Ground reflectivity and roughness
Visualize Boost network rendering (offline) One seat included with Visualize Professional
Visualize PowerBoost streaming raytracing live to Viewport (realtime)
Rasterized baked lighting
Rasterized accumulation



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
Solidworks (SLDPRT/SDLASM)
Autodesk Alias (WIRE)
Collada (DAE)
PTC Creo / Pro/E / NX (PRT, ASM)
Autodesk FBX Scene (FBX)
Animated Autodesk FBX Scene (FBX)
Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3DS)
Rhino (3DM)
Wavefront (OBJ)
SketchUp (SKP)
Maya (MB)
SolidEdge (ASM, PAR, PSM)
Autodesk (DWG/DXF)
Inventor (IPT/IAM)
CATIA V5/V6 (CATpart, CATproduct, CGR)
Universal 3D (U3D)
Live Update from CAD



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
Unlimited resolution offline rendering
Alpha Channel
Early image save
Threaded offline renderings
JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HDR and PSD output
Built in image viewer tab
Render Profiles
Preview (raster) output
Render all Cameras
Render all Configurations
Render Passes
Turntable rendering
Automatic movie (.mp4, .mkv, .flv) output
Browser based VR output
Browser based Panoramic output



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
CAD Live-Update
Direct manipulation of parts
Surface/Part Splitter
Cut Planes of objects (multiple)
Control object opacity per part/model/group
Group and reorganize parts in the tree view
Model/Part reset and freeze
Automatic pivot point snapping
Formation tool
Part re-tessellation
Multiple model sets
Simple vehicle wheel building



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
Import SOLIDWORKS CAD Motion Studies (Geometry, Camera, Appearance)
Proprietary “3D graph editor” Ribbon
Turntable Animations
Sun Study Animations
Keyframe animations of Models, Groups and Parts
Keyframe animation of Materials
Keyframe animation of Cameras
Keyframe animation of Environments
Keyframe animation of Lights
Keyframe animation of Cut Planes
Keyframe animation of object opacity (fading object transparency)
Realtime turntable



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
Scientifically accurate preset and adjustable materials
Supported techniques such as fresnel reflections, absorbtion, transmittance, anisotropy (mappable), emission.
Color/texture, opacity, specular, anisotropic, bump and normal mapping
Advanced materials: Subsurface, Thin Film, Backscatter
Flexible local or cloud based asset storage
Sharable material definition files (.svap)
Drag and drop materials/textures from desktop or any folder
Unique in and out of app color picker/dropper
Save favorite colors
Texturable and paintable decals
Layered decals
Decal projection
Controllable decal depth
Multple part decals



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
Lighting, shadow and reflection casting from HDRI
High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) interation and control
HDR Light Studio compatible
Prop creation for additinal light sources
Time of day (Sun and Sky) lighting model
Photometric lights (Point, Spot and Directional)
Raster object reflections (Preview Mode)
Raster culling (Preview Mode)



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
F-Stop, Focal length, Field of view and Perspective settings
Exchangeable camera files (.svcm)
Interactive depth of field with focal point selection
Multiple cameras with individual aspect ratio and settings
SOLIDWORKS CAD camera navigation
Orthographic camera
Walk-around camera
Rule of thirds overlay
Preset photographic camera filters
Real world camera positioning
Real-time customizable photographic camera filters
Follow and aim cameras and objects
Motion blur
Region rendering
FBX camera export



Visualize Professional Visualize Standard
Highly optimized parallel architechture
Hybrid Based CPU and GPU rendering
Near Linear performance scaling with added CPU’s and GPU’s
3D Connexion device support
Context sensitive Help Menu
SOLIDWORKS Visualize cloud community connection
Visualize Boost network rendering (offline)One seat included with Visualize Professional
Visualize PowerBoost streaming raytracing live to Viewport (realtime)
Queue rendering manager
Multiple viewports (Dual, Quad and Orthographic)
Presentation Mode with customizable Toolbar