SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional Essentials

PrintThisPage Length:  4 days; 8:30am to 4:30pm
Prerequisites: Experience with the SOLIDWORKS design software.
Description: This course teaches how to use the SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional software to machine parts utilizing advanced functionality such as: CAM or SOLIDWORKS configurations, VoluMill™, mill machining in the context of an assembly, and 3 plus 2 machining. Additionally, the course teaches how to generate, modify and post process 2 axis turning toolpaths used for the machining of SOLIDWORKS part files.
Format:  Classes are scheduled at a GoEngineer training facility and taught by certied SOLIDWORKS instructors. Training manuals will be provided to you on the rst day of class. This training may also be taught as a custom class at your location for an additional cost.

The SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional Essentials training Course consists of the following lessons:

 SOLIDWORKS CAM Product Review
 SOLIDWORKS CAM Configurations
 Case Study: Using Configurations
 Case Study: Working With CAM Configurations
 Exercise 1

 VoluMill Overview
 Case Study: Using VoluMill
 Exercise 2

 SOLIDWORKS CAM Assembly Mode
 Case Study: AM Using a Vise
 Case Study: AM Programming with Subroutines
 Case Study: AM Multiple Parts
 Case Study: AM Split Instance
 Exercise 3
 Exercise 4
 Exercise 5

 3 Plus 2 Machining (Indexing)
 Case Study: 3 Plus 2 – Part Machining
 Case Study: Assembly Machining with a Tombstone
 Exercise 6

 Process Overview
 Case Study: Generate Toolpaths and NC Code
 Case Study: Interactive Features and Operations
 Exercise 7
 Exercise 8

 Section Method
 Case Study: Using Plane Section
 Case Study: Using Double Chucks
 Exercise 9

 Case Study: Custom Chuck, OD and Thread Features
 Exercise 10

 Introduction to Probing
 Probe Operation
 Case Study: Probing Operations – Part 1
 Case Study: Probing Operations – Part 2
 Case Study: Probing Operations – Part 3
 Exercise 11