SOLIDWORKS New User Bundle

Length: 8 days (4 days – SOLIDWORKS Essentials & 4 days – SOLIDWORKS Advanced)
Prerequisites: Mechanical Design Experience & familiarity with Windows Operating Systems. It is helpful to complete the online tutorials found in the help menu of SOLIDWORKS prior to attending class.
Description: Students attend the 4 day SOLIDWORKS Essentials class to get started with SOLIDWORKS fundamentals. We recommend that students then use SOLIDWORKS for 4‐8 weeks before beginning the Advanced Course. Students then attend the 4 day SOLIDWORKS Advanced Course to expand on their basic knowledge of the tools.

 Topics covered in this course :

  • Introduction to Sketching
  • Basic Part Modeling
  • Symmetry and Draft
  • Patterning
  • Revolved Features
  • Shelling and Ribs
  • Editing: Repairs
  • Editing: Design Changes
  • Configurations
  • Using Drawings
  • Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling
  • Using Assemblies

See Full SOLIDWORKS Essentials Course Here.

  • Multibody Design Techniques
  • Saving Solid Bodies
  • Sketching with Splines
  • Sweeps
  • Working with Curves
  • Advanced Sweeping
  • Boundary Feature and Lofting
  • Other Advanced Tools
  • Advanced Mate Techniques
  • Top-Down Assembly Modeling
  • Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners, Smart Components
  • Assembly Editing
  • Using Configuration with Assemblies
  • Display States and Appearances
  • Layout-based Assembly Design
  • Large Assemblies

See Full SOLIDWORKS Advanced Course Here.