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Modeling and 3D Printing a GoEngineer Clock

by Jared Trotter

GoEngineer Clock

3D Printing Inspiration

Recently, we received our Stratasys F120 3D printer.  We’ve been eager to get off some cool prints that showcase its 3D Printing capabilities. One of the ideas that I’ve had is to print the components for a

Stretch, but don’t kick the kill switch!

by Erick Vega

Kill Switch

Have you ever been at your desk, stretched out your legs, only to find you hit the power cord to your computer? Fear no more, we have a solution. Read on.

Shape Your World

by Tandy Banks

If you love the thought of design awesomeness and want to master the technology that you already own, come experience a technical buffet of customer driven course requests that will help you Shape Your World for future creativity!

What Happens When Engineers Grow Up?

by Tyler Reid

From Drones to RC Cars the 3D Printing Spring Roadshow is here. Read more about what to expect and how to attend a show near you.

Be Nice, they could end up a customer by Kirk Brown

In January Stratasys asked me to help them with the new Mojo software Beta test. Part of the test was to print constantly for a week. I decided to print all the toys and fun parts I’ve had for years that I never had a chance to print. I was so impressed with the space ships and dinosaurs I was printing that I figured posting them on Instagram would be a great way to show off the Mojo’s capabilities.