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3D printer materials section launched

by Ramon Busboom

GoEngineer has just launched a custom Materials section on our website!
We have formulated a grid comparison of the most common properties to make it as easy as possible to find the exact fit for the exact application.

3D-Printed Extraterrestrials

by Glen Chancellor

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) team decided to 3D-print the meteor they spotted in 2009 with their Mars Exploration Rover.
Read more about their discovery, the process, and the final 3D printed part from Mars!

Tinkering with 3D Print Technology

by Paul Nishihira

Tinkering – The Definition Thereof:

I have been accused by family, friends and most recently, my wife, for forever “tinkering” with my street and off-road motorcycles during my leisure time.  Whether it be creating or redesigning parts in

Vapor Polishing

by Chris Lopez

Wowed by the shiny new equipment surrounding me, I was catalytically invigorated by the environment and proceeded to geek out HARD on G code peculiarities, cutting chamfers on a 3D surface, back-chamfering holes in 17-4 H900 stainless steel, and a few other tricks to help his “CNC-fu” become more productive and intuitive.

Out With the Old & In With the New

by Sandy Ortez

printer_bannerTechnology changes as well as your needs. Are you finding your 3D Printer isn’t Quite getting the job done?  Good news,  a new Stratasys 3D printer is now at your fingertips. Time to get

3D Design & Printing is a Crazy Huge World

by Jennifer Douglas

With the school year wrapping up, engineering parents are looking for a place to send their teenager for summer. After all, keeping them busy means staying out of trouble, right?  Summer camp used to include toasting marshmallows, children pranks and

3D Printing: Rounding Out the 3D Experience

by Jessica Skorut

“We’re wasting huge amounts of money by NOT having 3D printing.” That statement was expressed by one GoEngineer customer at a luncheon I recently attended. He said he

An Interesting RP Repair Visit by Steve Erwin

There are many procedures on repair visits that are time consuming. Some repairs are not difficult, they are just more involved, which causes lengthy downtime for the customer. One such procedure is the alignment of a toggle assembly on a

Dimension – How To Repair A Material Cartridge by Steve Erwin

Have you ever had the material in a cartridge fall back inside? This video takes you step by step to learn how to repair a Stratasys Dimension material cartridge where the material has fallen back inside the cartridge.