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Do You CPQ? Configure, Price & Quote with DriveWorks

by John Mignardi

CPQ stands for Configure-Price-Quote. CPQ can be defined as a system that allows a customer to specify their requirements and receive a quote for the products that will meet their needs. Learn more here.

Included In Your SOLIDWORKS; DriveWorksXpress

by Francisco Guzman

DriveWorksXpress is the easy to use design automation tool that is included in every new seat of SOLIDWORKS. It can be used to automate designs that are “the same but different”. DriveWorksXpress saves time by reducing repetitive tasks and minimizing

GoEngineer Supports DriveWorks! by Francisco Guzman

GoEngineer Supports DriveWorks!

My name is Francisco Guzman and I support DriveWorks here at GoEngineer. I came from an industry where DriveWorks is used to automate repetitive tasks and free up time for engineers to focus on what matters most,