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3D Printing for Happier Holidays: Christmas Edition

by Tyler Reid

This year, 3D printing did make our holiday happier. I suspect it will do the same next year; and just about every day in between – that’s just the type of technology it is. 3D printing is accessible and empowering – the kids were inspired and began brainstorming what they might build next.

What Shall I Do With All This Time? – A Christmas Epilogue

by Tandy Banks

Tinsel, parties, gifts and last minute rush. We are full on in the 2014 Christmas season. This is the time of year when sales professionals are biting nails and eating antacids as if they were grandma’s fudge. The rest of us just have the “normal” holiday craziness. In the midst of all the stress there is one activity that makes all of that go away for me.