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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Drawings – Copy Sheet Format

by Amee Meghani

Drawing enhancements don’t always have the instant “wow” or “glam” factor that some of the other features can offer in SOLIDWORKS. They aren’t nicely dressed in pretty colors or impressive shapes, but for the SOLIDWORKS user who is pushing out drawings packages regularly, this latest enhancement in SOLIDWORKS 2017 is a big productivity win!

Top 5 New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017

by Tony Glockler


The new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 and enhanced capabilities help designers innovate while increasing productivity. Let’s take a look at the top five new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

3D Interconnect: Stop Translating Files and Focus on Designing

by Sandy Ortez

3D Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS 2017 delivers new capabilities for working with neutral and native CAD data from various sources. With 3D Interconnect unlock powerful new workflows to collaborate with customers and vendors. With this new tool, you can now:

Sneak Peek at SOLIDWORKS 2017 Enhancements

by Sandy Ortez

Preview SOLIDWORKS 2017

Get a Sneak Peek at SOLIDWORKS 2017

The SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch season is here.  Hundreds of enhancements and new features have been released with the end-user in mind. Get a taste