3DEXPERIENCE SIMULIA – Getting to Know the Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role

SIMULIA’S computational fluid dynamics accurately predicts fluid flows, temperature distributions, and real life performance. The Fluid Dynamics Engineer role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform delivers this SIMULIA functionality to the SOLIDWORKS user. Users can now calculate complex fluid dynamics while staying connected to their SOLIDWORKS design changes. Those in aerospace and defense, or any vehicle design, can benefit from the wide range of turbulence models. Those analyzing scanned data, organic shapes, or larger assemblies with parts ranging from bulky to thin walled will benefit from the range and control of this meshing suite. Access over one hundred cores in parallel to linearly reduce solve time, and mesh massively large assemblies at mesh counts above and beyond what a personal computer could produce. Whether you’re analyzing steady state or transient, complex material properties, fluid flow or thermal distributions-- if you’re looking to get accurate results in a quick turn around, it’s time to see if 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULIA’s Fluid Dynamics role is right for you.