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Do You Print in Metal?

by Tyler Reid

Desktop Metal

GoEngineer is proudly partnering with Desktop Metal to offer their full lineup of machines. Learn more and be sure to pre-order yours today.

Mother’s of Invention

by Krystine Thoroughman

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to use SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys 3D printing for custom gift giving. Find out what we decided to create this year.

SOLIDWORKS – Designing a Custom Lens Mount

by Ryan Dark

Next project up, a custom mounting clip for a pair of sunglasses. Find out how SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys 3D printing technology is used to build a custom mounting clip that attaches to a wide-angle lens.

Shape Your World 2017 is here. Register today.

by Tandy Banks

If you love the thought of design awesomeness and want to master the technology that you already own, come experience a technical buffet of customer driven course requests that will help you Shape Your World for future creativity!

Cinco de Mayo Fun with SOLIDWORKS & 3D Printing

by Jacob Bakovsky

When it comes to planning a get-together, hosts tend to seek fun ways to decorate and customize their party space. Find out how we used SOLIDWORKS & 3D printing to create a custom glass.

Combat Robotics is a Family Value

by Mitch Bossart, Industry Writer for GoEngineer

Meet Team Fast Electric Robots a.k.a. The Vasquez family. Learn how they are taking a passion for robotics to new levels.

Earth Day, Go Vegan & GoEngineer

by Benjamin Modic

Earth Day, What’s it all about?

Earth day, at its core, is focused on the advancement of environmental protection. The Earthday.org site encourages us to focus on the “need to build a global citizenry fluent in