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Test Drive the Future of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Systems Design

by Jeff Jordan

Are you ready to ‘test-drive’ the future of electrical systems design? Join us at a location near you to learn how to simplify your life with SOLIDWORKS Electrical real-time multi-user 2D and 3D design, collaboration, and creation of all your manufacturing documents.

Do You CPQ? Configure, Price & Quote with DriveWorks

by John Mignardi

CPQ stands for Configure-Price-Quote. CPQ can be defined as a system that allows a customer to specify their requirements and receive a quote for the products that will meet their needs. Learn more here.

Earth Day 2018 – End Plastic Pollution

by Deborah Cox

This year the Earth Day Network is focusing on plastic. Did you know that plastic – the trash we toss out that goes to landfills and litters the sides of streets and trails is the #1 leading killer of wildlife? It is! And, we can make a difference.