CAMWORKS 2013 RELEASED by Tyler Reid

The CAMWorks 2013 release is here. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the official Geometric announcement.

With the release of CAMWorks 2013, we have maintained our focus on making programming easier and toolpaths faster to machine with. With that focus, some of the key additions to the new release are:

VoluMill – V5.0, the latest in ultra-high performance tool path, continuing to help our customers to reduce cycle time multi-fold while maintaining tool life

Superior control with the enhanced step- through controls to review the toolpaths with ease

Enhanced set of APIs that simplify the ability to integrate and automate the design to manufacturing cycles

3-axis machining from an STL file saving valuable time by creating multi-surface features

Workflow command manager that helps in ensuring that our users do not miss out any required steps

Auto correct of contour mill lead-ins/lead-outs

Rest machining in contour mill

Support for gang tooling

Custom tool holders for turning tools

High quality metallic toolpath simulation for more life-like visualization

Addition of the optional Synchronous Machining Module (SMM) in CAMWorks 2013 to handle multi-tasking machines with greater ease. SMM allows the user to sequence and synchronize machining operations for two independent channels. This along with the improved sub-spindle control will simplify programming efforts for multi- tasking machines.

For more detailed information, please refer to the ‘What’s New in CAMWorks 2013 document’ in the downloads area.

Before you install CAMWorks 2013 SP0 (Customer login required), we urge you to go through the “Release Notes” (for 32-bit and 64-bit installation) that highlight some key points to bear in mind when installing the new version.

Important: For our mill- turn customers, a critical change in the 2013 release is a correction of orientation for the Y- axis for mill setups in mill-turn machines. This will require a rework for the post- processors for the mill-turn posts with our users. We request you to get in touch with your resellers to help make the correction with the existing post processors. This is only applicable for mill-turn posts.

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