Cook Children’s Stepping into a New Era and Saving Lives with 3D Printing

by Shannon Morgan

Cook Children’s Step into an Era with 3D Printing Technology

After purchasing a Stratasys 3D printer in the fall of 2016, Cook Children’s hospital has stepped into a new era with 3D printing technology. They are paving a new path for the medical industry and are saving lives. How? Let’s talk about Ivy Chacon.

Hope for patients with heart defects.

Photo Credit: Star-Telegram

Ivy Chacon is a toddler who was born with a rare heart defect. Her heart grew on the wrong side of her chest with the chambers facing in the wrong direction. Medical doctors knew this would be an extremely delicate case for surgery. In order to prepare for surgery, 2D scans and at times, hands-on practice, is part of preparation. In this case, a Connex 260 3D printer was adopted.

As described in this article, “The system at Cook Children’s Medical Center uses MRI and CT data to create printable replicas of organs giving clinicians a full understanding of the anatomy before they make a single incision.”

In Ivy’s case, an image of her heart was 3D printed to help prepare for the delicate surgery.

Cook Children's

Photo Credit: Star Telegram

Ivy’s story is making headlines across the country. Check out a few of the many articles we found featuring this inspiring story:

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Ivy Chacon

Stories like the above continue to inspire all industries to adopt 3D printing technology. If you’re curious to find out which Stratasys 3D printer is right for you? Submit your info below and we’ll be in touch.

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