Guest Blog: How CAD Automation saved my weekends.

by Jeff Burkham

I had a problem. And like most good stories, mine starts out with this simple fact — it was a BIG problem. I was working with FloodBreak®, a world leader in flood mitigation products, on a project to create drawing packages for their Vent Shaft System (FB-VSS). I had 1000’s of variations to work on and it was taking me literally days to complete different variations.

Out of the box, SOLIDWORKS features.

I was trying to use SOLIDWORKS out of the box features like Design Tables, configurations, etc. While doing so, I was finding that the amount of time to go back and forth to generate the variations was also error-prone.  I was spending too much time trying to get this process perfected. Frankly, I felt like I was chasing my own tail.

I ended up calling Nash Allen at GoEngineer to see if they might have a solution to my problem. Nash listened to my problem and recommended a free tool from GoEngineer called GoAutomate. GoAutomate is an open source platform based in Microsoft Excel that allows the easy automation of SOLIDWORKS.

As impressive as GoAutomate was, it still wasn’t a perfect fit for my problem. However, GoEngineer was great at working with my specialized requests and creating new functionality just for me. The result, a solution that met my needs perfectly.

Creating variations in minutes!

Now instead of days for a project, I can create thousands of variations in a template-driven approach that is in the range of minutes per assembly. The models are simple, clean without all the overhead from the old approach. If I need to create massive changes across the project, it’s quick enough to modify the template and re-create all of the projects.

My story has a happy ending. I’m a big believer in automation and GoEngineer’s tool was a perfect fit for me.

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Jeff Burkham

About Jeff Burkham

I have been in the manufacturing and construction industries for over 25 years and have used various CAD/CAM systems. I am new to SOLIDWORKS and still learning and striving to be efficient. Most of my history with CAD/CAM software is self-taught. This is my first experience having complete, capable knowledgeable support. It has made a huge difference for me. I am very happy with GoEngineer and the staff that has so willingly helped jumpstart my projects.

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