Making An Impression – Design and 3D Printing

by Ryan Dark

Early December, my significant other, Erica, approached me about some cute boxes she had found online. She was inspired to purchase them and do something she hadn’t done in a long time – make cookies for her friends and family.  The idea was that we would fill these boxes with baked goods and then hand-deliver them to our friends to wish them a personal and in person “Happy Holiday.”  I like participating but I have not baked anything in my entire life.  Where I could not contribute to the recipe portion of our plan, I could perhaps help with the personalization.  I designed a stamp that we could press into soft cookies as a simple message.  The result was this:

My first mistake was that I printed this without making a mirror version of it first.  I suppose I was just a bit excited about the prospect of using it that I rushed a little. All was not lost though.  I immediately employed it as a practical joke by giving it to Erica and watching her face slowly go through emotions of confusion then disappointment as she realized it was made wrong.

That stamp was quickly replaced by this one which gave the desired result.

We mixed a test batch of cookie dough with this recipe (minus the rosemary), stamped the raw dough, then baked it.

The message came through and the cookie tasted better than I expected. From there, we went into full production and made enough cookies for everyone.

Before we even knew it, we were done with boxes full of cookies for everyone.

What I learned was:

  1. Double-check my design before I get it into the 3D printer
  2. Cookie dough likes to stick to the ridges/layers of 3D prints, so you have to work the dough a little
  3. This design can survive the dishwasher so we can use it in the future.

The epilogue is that we received back many responses of curious surprise.

Mission accomplished.

*Would you like to make your own personalized cookies too?  Great! I have a SOLIDWORKS file for you. Check out SOLIDWORKS file below. You can simply edit it and print it to have your own. 

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