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About Deborah Bell

Marketing Manager for GoEngineer with 15+ years of experience coordinating marketing activities and policies to best promote the world class products, services and solutions that GoEngineer offers to help our customers grow their business. Deborah enjoys working closely with our sales team, advertising contacts, and promotion managers on a wide variety of events, activities, and trade shows.


by Deborah Bell


BattleBots Season 2 premieres on Thursday, June 23rd, 8/7c on ABC. This spring, as a guest of Team Fast Electric Robots, I got to be part of the Season 2 live audience and experience a behind-the-scenes look during filming. VIP

The GoEngineer Experience by Deborah Bell

An award winning unique business partner, GoEngineer has been helping engineering, manufacturing, and product design companies innovate and stay competitive for 28 years.