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Johnathen is a Sr. Applications Engineer at our GoEngineer with over 15 years of technical experience, 13+ of which has focused on SOLIDWORKS. He has a unique perspective of having worked as a SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer and Trainer, which fosters an understanding of the user requirements with the system capabilities, allowing for quick resolution to business problems. Johnathen has experience in business process development, configuration, administration, training, installation, software development, and troubleshooting. His training style is focused on simplicity for the end user and administrators while providing excellent functionality.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Automation – Propagation

by John Lieber

The PROPAGATE command is another example of how SOLIDWORKS Electrical will not only increase your productivity but does so in a way that we can also ensure accuracy. Learn more.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Colors

by John Lieber

If you happen to be using an Excel spreadsheet to define your wire or cable properties instead of using the name, here’s an easy conversion chart for converting the color name to numbers.

SolidWorks World 2014 Wrap Up

by John Lieber

On the final morning of SolidWorks World 2014, I think everyone was moving a little slower due to lack of sleep. We can’t be surprised by this as the non-stop happenings over the previous days paired with the off-site Special

SolidWorks World 2014 – Day 1

by John Lieber

SolidWorks World – Day 1, Monday Jan 27, 2014

Well there is nothing like getting up in the morning and having breakfast with over 4500 people who have the same interest as you.  This year, just like the

San Diego to host SolidWorks World 2014

by John Lieber

SWW2014 SolidWorks World 2014 is approaching fast! This year, it will be hosted at the San Diego Convention Center starting January 26th and will go through the 29th. Having the privilege of attending

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Manufacturing Parts Library

by John Lieber

This post will cover two aspects of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Manufacturing Parts Library. The second part of this document will cover the available attributes when importing manufactures parts using an Excel Spreadsheet.