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About Nic Rady

Nic Rady has been utilizing CAD with a focus on prototype design and testing for over 15 years. He earned a master’s degree in physics, is a CSWE, and works as an Application Engineer for GoEngineer.

5 New 2016 SOLIDWORKS Features

by Nic Rady

5 New 2016 SOLIDWORKS Features to help make your design efforts more productive. Decrease your design time with the reduction of distractions in the new interface.

Tried-and-True SOLIDWORKS Features to Help You Design Faster

by Nic Rady


As a design engineer, I’m always on the lookout for features to help speed along modeling and streamline the design process. This post highlights a few “old” SOLIDWORKS features that I rely on often and that will remain in the new release. Hopefully you find these tried-and-true features as helpful as I do.

Welcome SOLIDWORKS 2016 New User Interface – Flat Design

by Nic Rady

If you have not already installed SOLIDWORKS 2016, you may be in for a surprise that leaves you a little ‘flat.’ But, there is good news! Find out why SOLIDWORKS made this change and how it can help your design productivity.

SOLIDWORKS Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

by Nic Rady


GoEngineer has put together commonly used keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures in a handy reference guide for you to download and can keep on your workstation as you design in SOLIDWORKS. It includes 2016!

Quick Fix for SOLIDWORKS Install Error

by Nic Rady

If you are experiencing problems with your SOLIDWORKS Install; add-ins not showing up, macros causing SOLIDWORKS to crash, or an error message to pop-up when opening files, this will help!

JoeEngineer Goes 3D

by Nic Rady

From a 2D image into a 3D solid model, our mascot JoeEngineer is sent to the 3D printers!

Bringing 2D into the Next Dimension

by Nic Rady

As part of GoEngineer’s re-branding campaign from a few years back, the technical support team gained a face: Joe Engineer.
Being a company that provides SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys products, services, and support, I recently decided to use these tools to take Joe from 2D to 3D.

Summer Solstice Brings Sunlight, Sundials, & SOLIDWORKS

by Nic Rady

For the fathers out there, you might consider using a SOLIDWORKS feature to teach your children about Solar Motion this weekend since this Sunday happens to be Father’s Day and Summer is here. Either way, give a nod to the great minds that first paved the way in Physics and Astronomy and enjoy the extra daylight!